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August 2008

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salavin in 45percent

Final major project part two

I want to thank everyone who took part in the first bit with their comments and crit, I have some more bits that need evaulating.
If people would be so kind to give their opinions on these it would be absolutely lovely ♥

I'll have one more post in the future, which will be an animation WIP

Art Nouveau Mucha styled posters

Sample comic pages

Exterior design
(click reply to see them fully)

Thank you everyone.


Alphonse Mucha happens to be my favorite artist! 8D Hmmmm, for the art nouveau ones... I'd bring out the 3-D-ness some more. Make shadows darker, bring out the lights, that sort of thing. His drawings were almost like a statue because he was so good with drawing fabric and hair and that sort of thing. I'd say those two drawings would need to pop out more. *nodnod* The colors are lovely though, they really match with the backgrounds. ^^

Hmmmm, as for the last drawing, is it raining? Oo; If it was, I'd really blur the buildings some more, as if rain was smearing across some camera lens. Nothing's ever so crisp during a rain fall, you know? ^^ And omg, it's Gloria. I just died. XDDD
Mmmm...if those are your final posters then I'm sold ♥ They look like they can be either posters or cards, and that's collectors point.

The comic pages looks simple so far but I bet they'll look just nice when the balloons and texts are in. I love the pattern you put in the panels to fill up the spaces.

You also included another one of your original work in the sunny cafe's illust >XD Neat.
i agree with firebird about the 3D effect on the posters! i'd definitely make the differences between light and dark more dramatic.

also glad to see you trying to work from different angles in your comic panels, it's important to switch it up so it's not static.