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45percent's Journal

45% Done: The Unfinished Works
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A place for artists to post their unfinished work
I've heard all my life "finish what you start." This isn't bad advice; you're building a house, you'll need a roof. You're cooking, you follow the recipe. But with art, the line where something is finished is totally up to the artist. Art can be as messy or as polished as you wish it to be. That's the amazing thing about art -- it's a recipe of the imagination, built from the mind.

I've always loved the aesthetics of unfinished work. I don't know why, but there is something beautiful in the frantic pace of works in progress. Something about how the picture could go anywhere. It's exciting.

This is a community for posting your unfinished works. WIP, sketches, doodles, half finished pictures you never intend to finish, step-by-steps ... basically anything but the finished picture. If you finish it, post a link with your WIP, but this is the point of the community: everything is as finished as we want it.

If you love art, if you have a million WIPs lying around, if you love to draw, consider watching/joining us!


01. Original art encouraged and accepted here. Fan art encouraged and accepted here [even anime and RPF]. Anything you've drawn can be posted here.

02. There's no limit on how many pictures you can post per entry, but please LJ cut all work. Thumbnails/previews are fine. Please limit to three thumbnails per entry. Post as many times as you like, but try to group as much of your work as you can together.

03. Con crit is accepted here, but please state in your post whether or not you want to receive it. It's perfectly fine if you don't.

04. At present there is no posting format, but please try to tell us a bit about your picture, especially rating.

05. Next point: please only post G-R, so that this community can be viewed public by those under 18. If your picture is R but NWS [artistic nudity], please warn. Not for censorship, but some people might be logging on from school/work.

06. You can join the community if you want or if you just like art, watch!

That's all! This is a community for artists by artist[s]. So please respect each other and have fun.

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