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August 2008

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salavin in 45percent

Hey all I'd like some opinions!

Hey everyone I'm back! ♥

First off I want to thank everyone that helped me in my previous picture, you can see the finished version here! => Click!

Secondly, I need people's advice and general opinions

I'm cureently doing my final major in college (a one year course)and I was given the topic to do something along the lines of 'modern inspiration sequential illustation" Big title I know, but basically, it's to do comics and advertising using digital media in a bright and eye catching style.

After my trip to Paris early in March (which was lovely) I decided to do a small comic based on the cafe's in Paris. One in the centre of Paris and on of the outskirts, where I found that atmosphere, people and architecture are completely contrasted.

Two stories about two cafe's, it's simple enough, I already have the comics drawn (and I will scan and show people when I get time to scan them all) but I have some concept art that I'd like you to look at and tell me what you think. If you think something doesn't look right, tell me. Or if you like something, what is it? Or what do you think is better?

I'm having to evaulate my work and by getting replies from practising artists; novice, pro or just hobbying this will help me in getting a wider response to collect my data from.

So anyway, here are the character concepts. I had to reduce the images to fit:

And the concepts for the exterior of the cafes:

(You have to click reply to see them fully)

Any feedback would be great! ♥


Comics for uni assignment? DDD8 Sounds so fun...T.T

So the comic is about 2 different cafes? From the uniforms shown, I guess you swapped the usual concept of the sun and moon gender-related idea. The waitresses wear bright, 'sunny'-coloured uniforms while the waiters are wearing blue-ish and dark colours for theirs. It's actually a nice twist, I like it.

I really love the aura of the 1st waitress, she looks so cheery.

The love interest on girl's side looks like a uni student, so if I'm to relate that with the tiny, cute cafe in the outskirts, that sounds just right. The 'Moon Cafe' looks like a place where working adults go to so the career woman idea works.

I'm not so sure about the perspective of the buildings though since I'm no pro at architecture renditions, but I guess we can only see the depth after they're coloured.


Oh, now only I noticed the bg illust of the character sheet 8DDD My eyes are poor...

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hm, i like the cafe designs! they look very inviting. is most of the action going to be inside or outside?

your concepts of the characters interest me, especially in the way you do the legs, because they remind me of the parisan models, hahah.
i also like the contrast between the two sets, the cool colors and the flashy ones!
Reporting for duty sir, ma'am, sir! *salutes*

It's a shame you had to reduce the image sizes, it really affects the look of them ;_; Although it does let you see that they do all seem rather... tall. But I figure that's the style. =3 I still adore the thicker outside outline, it's a really interesting effect!

The perspective on the cafes seem a little off to me, but that's either a) they're not coloured or b) I'm really bad with perspective anyway. I still love the theme of sun and moon, too, a classic for a reason. The contrast between the two stores is awesome as well; the Cafe de Lune is in the centre, right? And Soleil on the outskirts? It looks all nice and cosy, especially with the waitresses. All the pink and blue contrasts nicely too. =3

*fails* If I think of anything else I shall add it!
I do love the colours for the waitress characters, they're soo birght and pretty. The male ones look reallly nice as well, they vaguely put me in mind of navy uniforms for some reason {though that might be the colours you've used}.

The exterior cafe sketches are really well done too {perspective is something that I still need to do a lot of work on}.I do love your style already, and my only complaint is a really minor one and more to do with my aesthetic taste: i'd prefer that the features on the characters were a bit more pronounced, they seem very blurry to me is all {though again this is my own personal preference and you may prefer to keep them as is}. Very nice work so far though. Keep it up ^_^.
♥ Good Points ♥

Well thought out colour palette : )
Good line work : )
Very beautiful cafe designs : )
Lovely costume designs, not very practical, perhaps, but lovely none the less : )

♥ Points To Improve ♥

Some of the poses look a little off
I'm not sure if some of the perspective is a tiny bit iffy? I'm no good at that sort of thing, though, so don't take my word for it : /

Overall~ very lovely, well done! : )